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Great question!

The answer is that you need a really good mid out of your wavedash to make people worried about ducking. TGF is definitely not safe -- you're going to get blown up for that.

Some solid options include f+4 -- it's easier for Hei to do it out of WD than Kazuya, which is convenient for Hei players -- and ff+2 or ff+3. For the latter two, you should learn how to do ff moves out of your wavedash. (this is not that hard - just tap f during your crouchdash -- I'd recommend learning this soon, if you're not doing it already!)

I'm not a great Hei player, but I feel like the wavedash offense isn't quite as important for him as it is for Kazuya. With Kaz, if you think they're scared to duck, you just hellsweep and get a knockdown, but with Heihachi, it's not that simple...
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