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This topic could also apply to the other mishima characters, but since I mostly play Hei I'd figured I'd post it here for now.

So to begin, I've been playing hei for a bit now and can easily pull off his WD as a movement, but my issue is how should I be using it? The problems Im running into is at my level no one respects it and seems most people throwing out random moves punish me for it. But when I watch high level people use it, I see Hei or kaz WD in someone's face for 2-3 wave dashes and their opponent will sit there afraid to react or stop blocking. If I tried to do this I'd eat a mid or anything.

I mostly go for EGWF (not the most consistent I'll admit), Hell sweep or thundergod fist out of it. I hate going for f,d,d/f+1 since it doesnt seem safe but otherwise why would anyone not just block low since its good vs the HS and EGWF?

Im sure I'll think of some more stuff in the future.