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Ok, fine, thanks for the help, people...

Anyway, after looking at some videos to confirm juggle damage calculations, here are the totals:

3+4, f+1+2, f+3, f+4,3, u/f+3+4 = 52

3+4, f+1+2, f+3, 1,2,4~f+3 = 51 (recommended option against Jack and Gigas, since the above juggle can be tricky at the end - the last knee often whiffs. I haven't found the most reliable timing of everything)

Please notice I took off the cd+2 launcher, which would add 20 to each total above. The reason I took it out will become apparent below. Before that, though, I wanted to list one more possible juggle and its damage:

3+4, f+1+2, 4, f+4,3, u/f+3+4 = 51 (EDIT: I miscalculated the reduction in damage when swapping f+3 out for 4. The difference is 1 point, not 2...)

This third option covers almost all the characters the first two don't - Lee, Akuma, Yoshi, and all the females not listed in my previous post, although Eliza can be tricky. The bears still don't work, since it is the f+1+2 where this all falls apart on them.

Even with all this, I think there may be an option or two that might be better than any of these, although I don't know if any of those are as easy as these.

Here's the reason you still might want to keep them in mind, and the reason I listed them separate of the cd+2 launchers: They all work off a low parry, except that 3+4 will not hit Eliza (EDIT: won't hit LC, either, nor the bears) off a LP. 3+4 will hit Ling, though.

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