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Are there any kind souls who might be willing to help me out with a damage total or two?

cd+2, 3+4, f+1+2, f+3, f+4,3, u/f+3+4

cd+2, 3+4, f+1+2, f+3, 1,2,4~f+3

They appear to do almost identical damage, but I would like to confirm it.

Note: Neither of the above will work against Lee, Yoshi, or most of the female cast - the f+3 will whiff (also, the bears are right out - the f+1+2 whiffs). It does work against against Kat, Nina, Leo, and Michonne, er, I mean, "Master Raven." (EDIT: it works against Lili, too)

The thing not to mess up in this juggle is the timing of the 3+4. You can (and should) hit the buttons about as early as you can following the cd+2 launch. Also, be careful of launching at the tip of the cd+2. It should be a fairly close-by hit (as cd+2 usually is)

...an especially kind soul might even let me know the damage scores for each hit...

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