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Originally posted by Baron West

Depending on the string UE may not always be the best option. Sometimes moves that can be reversed can also be sidestepped then punished. The timing is stricter, but b,b+2 can often get damage in situations where b+2+4 would simply evade, such as against the second hit of Katarina f+2,2.

The point is that b+2+4 is mashable in strings by holding back. b, b+2 is not. Even though they both have similar active windows which I believe is 6-7 frames with a 1 frame start up. B+2+4 also counters EVERYTHING. What I don't know is how many frames she is vulnerable but by old standards its usually about 9 frames, so even if you "miss" the counter window you should still be able to block highs and mids if you are still holding back. Try it out in practice mode, set the dummy to do a string or a 10 hit, hold back and mash 2+4...
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