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Utsusemi Escape is quite a move. I've spent the last week labbing just the b2+4 version and here's some things I've noticed.

1. It recovers in crouch so all the FC and WS moves are at your disposal as soon as you land.

2. During canned strings you can hold back and mash 2+4. If fact, during all blocking motions you can do this.

3. If blocking a canned string it is best to know how many "hits" the combo has. For instance, if you UE the first hit of Kumas G-Clef cannon you will teleport back and EAT the last hit launcher. If you UE the second hit then when you land the launcher will whiff granting a free WS+1 launch.

4. It has a weird glitch that I cannot replicate in practice mode where if an opponent is in rage and you UE certain moves they will lose that equivalent of health. Best example is when I UE a King Shoulder Tackle and he lost the health...also happens on Deathfists but i just can't replicate it so maybe its a glitch.

5. It can counter Rage Drives...I don't know about Rage Arts because I can't set the practice dummy to do it...but it does counter Rage Drives on the first hit, you are vulnerable if it has another that can reach you.

It really has become part of my game with her mostly because once someone sees you do it their mind changes about how to attack you. It really needs more study and appreciation. I lose count an how many combos I get by taking the Utsusemi Escape risk.
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