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Originally posted by D3TROITR3D 2K
Does anyone know the details of a "jumping 4" she has? Its a 25 DMG launcher that I cannot find in the frame data. Its seems I can only do it if I press uf+4 from crouch, or jump up and press 4 on the way down. It looks like Lee or Kings jump 4.

It's called a delayed hopkick. The command is uf,n,4. Most characters with an uf+4 hopkick have one, and some characters who don't have hopkicks, like Maven, Kaz, Gigas, Drag, Eddy et cetera have one. They are -13 on block and if I recall correctly around 22-24 frames except for Law. It is a great option for getting more damage than a standard low parry.
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