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Originally posted by Ackman

This is the last one I've tried to do and I honestly got no idea how to hit the 2nd ff4. I'm supposed to SS to my right, right? Like, press down on P1 side. If so, I can't get it to work on Kazuya. Maybe I need more speed.

I tried doing it without the SSR but I can't seem to connect the kick in ws24.

Thanks for compiling all this information, man. I'll keep working on it and post whatever I find.

I should amend that one to absurdly hard, cause it really isn't staple level stuff. FF4 is finicky as hell off a lot of stuff. So for SS right its going to be so micro that you will barley notice it, but its just enough to get you off axis.

That being said for your f21 issue, ditch one of the b2's and stick to ws24, over 213, and you'll be able to land either f21 for 3 less damage, or fff34 for slightly harder 2 less damage, still probably easier than the extra b2 + 213 due to shortened tailspin. Half the time in walled stages you are carrying so far its worth it to tailspin early anyway and use a move to link to wallsplat.

And thanks for the appreciative comment.