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Alright so I've improved my b2f loops quite a bit, I can get the 2 I need for combos somewhat consistently and I can get 4~ for carry if needed. Still some work to do and then I'll give online a try (and I wont hit a single time lol).

Once you get the hang of b2f it seems hard combos are hard simply cause the f21 doesn't freaking hit.

As I said, do you have any tip for this? I feel like I'm doing the same thing over and over.


Hard (80): ss right, ff4, d2, b2f, b2f, b2f~ws24 S!, f21

This is the last one I've tried to do and I honestly got no idea how to hit the 2nd ff4. I'm supposed to SS to my right, right? Like, press down on P1 side. If so, I can't get it to work on Kazuya. Maybe I need more speed.

I tried doing it without the SSR but I can't seem to connect the kick in ws24.

Thanks for compiling all this information, man. I'll keep working on it and post whatever I find.