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Yeah, the struggle of every lee is hitting the f21 post tailspin with hella hits. I almost never go for max with 213 just because they are soooo far.

Anyway, so d2, d2, b2f post mist sway 4 is working on all characters? Consistent? difficulty? I'll really need to work on this launcher.

Also if anyone has any idea bout max damage off CH b4 when you've committed to hitman stance, let me know, i'll keep that separate from CH b4 cause you can't really hopkick from hitman.

*edit ok so tested d2 d2 over 4 d2, does more damage works on everyone I tested, this is new staple, thanks for the suggestion and research guys! I'll update in a bit. No idea must bn4 had that axis property. I'll finish up character testing later, but i'll have to find bear specific combo for this, probably off b3,3 since nothing else is connecting.

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