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[CH] sway+4, d+2, d+2, b+2~f,N, b+2~f,N, 2,1,3, S!, FF+2,1 was doing... 71?

I spent the last 30 min trying this out. I got it to work once. Also if you're too far to the left of your opponent the 2nd d2 has a chance to whiff. And ofc the sway4 will not launch if you're on their sides or behind them.

Holee shit, hitting this f21 finisher is so, so hard. Not only for this combo but for any combo with 7 aerial hits. I kick them so far with the screw I can't reach them in time to hit them again.

It's doable, it's just really tight.

Either there's some trick to get into range faster or I'm too slow with the rest of the combo and I just need to get better at execution. The one time I hit the combo it felt as if the enemy didn't fly nearly as far as usual, but it was still a 71 damage combo so I didn't reset it by accident.