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So I tried some more...

Works: Kazuya, Jin, Paul, Bob, Dragunov, Katarina, Leo

Doesn't work: Lee, Bears, Jack, Gigas, Akuma, Asuka, Xiaoyu

Now, the combos are:

Easy (66): 4, d2, b2f~ws24 S!, fff34
Hard (70): 4, d2, b2f, b2f, 213 S!, f21

Is the fff34 meant to miss the first hit and hit with the second? It doesn't count as a combo but the total damage is 66 (55+21) so I am not sure if I'm doing it wrong or that's what's supposed to happen.

The hard combo, however, I find hitting the f21 at the end incredibly hard but that might be me being bad. If I skip the 4 at the start I get 65 damage out of it but I have not been able to hit the full combo a single time yet. I always miss the second punch in f21, if I do hit the f21 at all.

Tbh I'm not consistent enough to get the combos every time so trying them over and over to see if the ender connects or not is already pretty damn hard for me. The timing has to be really precise for basically every move in the combo.

This is a video of me trying it out: