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Originally posted by Rlpp
Moving my question to the general thread

Been playing alot of M. raven, just curious, let's say if someone block 4,1 b22,db2,etc and I am back-turned. If they just do a down jab, is it guaranteed?

No. f+3+4 is an offensive option that is beats out low jab and is meant to do as such. Whenever you're in BT, you have to think mainly in terms of "I am beating out your option with this" instead of I'm going to block because you're naturally in backturn.

You should be able to block the low jab using u/b~b to cancel the animation, or maybe even just pressing b+3+4 to go back into front. Another thing you can try is holding d/b to make M.Raven slide away while in backturn and cause them to whiff, usually creating an opening for a WS1. Don't know if this will happen for low jab.

Hope this helps. Will test myself later today if you want.
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