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Originally posted by Ackman
Are you sure this is a combo? I'm trying to learn Lee and Tekken so I might be missing something so...

Just to make sure, we're talking about sway->slide kick counterhit, right? If so, I'm expected to do f,n,b,n,4,4,d2,etc? How do I connect a 4 right after the slide? It never works.

Gonna keep trying and give more feedback later I guess.

Hi Ackman,

Good to see you here. Welcome. I think information will pick up here pretty soon (I'll have more time in coming weeks, we have a few new good posters, and once Lee gets patched back into arcades here and I can try using him in more competitive settings, I'll be able to confirm/contribute more).

As for sway+4, I'll try to do some testing on smalls later today, once I'm off work. I was also using 4 off it, but it was vs. bigger characters (Bryan). I'll try on Ling (classically one of the smallest) and see what I can get. It used to give 4 on everyone I think back in T6, but things may have changed with new models and a switch to Unreal Engine.
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