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I believe Adam0 mentioned that SS3 was removed and Tyler2k mention that df3+4 was removed. However no one mention that ff,n,3+4 has also been removed. The first two not much of a loss, per se, but the removal of ff,n,3+4 is unfortunate.

Originally posted by Rezz
Does anybody know what her best string to use if you wind up behind your opp? Right now I'm thinking it's 3,3,4.

They can duck the third hit of that string. b+2,2,3 is the max guaranteed damage I am aware of.

Originally posted by Rlpp
Moving my question to the general thread

Been playing alot of M. raven, just curious, let's say if someone block 4,1 b22,db2,etc and I am back-turned. If they just do a down jab, is it guaranteed?

No, as you mentioned b+1+3 will always reverse the crouch jabs.

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