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Make the current FR version of stages a transition from 7.0 or vice versa for final round for example:

- FR Souq to 7.0 Souq (early morning to afternoon)
- 7.0 Jungle to FR Jungle (afternoon to dusk)
- FR twilight to 7.0 twilight (day to sunset)
- temple stage slowly progress from FR version to 7?0 throughout the match
- remove FR devil's pit version entirely
- Dragon Nest is fine

Practice Mode:

- Allow turbo mode activation to get access to turbo mode exclusive combos (example Lili BT d3+4 BT d3,4 df3+4 BT 2 S! Combo etc)
- Allow rage life gauge level simulation to check the varying RA damage

System wise:
- reduce input lag on ps4


- show "new challenger" like tag2 before an opponent comes up
- show "revenge match" like arcade when someone accepts one
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