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-Teleporting wall stun in Devil's Pit, Brimstone and Fire, and Precipice of Fate. This is really gamebreaking
-Master Raven hitboxes. There are some cases where a move doesn't reach to her.
-Also bear hitboxes. Such as steve uf+3 not hitting
-Paul idle stance slightly moving across the stage (though people would always move in a fight ofc, probably not needing a fix)
-Online: Players facing an entirely different character in the revenge match, but that character is still controlled by the same opponent. What usually happens is, two players in the same match would have different characters in their screens, so the flow of the match becomes entirely different for each of them.


-Make warm-up mode a full practice mode
-Ability to queue a match while playing offline modes
-No more VS screen during revenge match
-Rage quits should count as a loss (and demotion if any) to the quitting player while a win (and promotion if any) to the other player
-Instant connect to a match when one is found like in TR

-Allow all character intro and win poses in customization model viewer, and give us the option to freeze a frame in the animation and take a shot of the pose with a custom angle
-TTT2/T6 hair customization system
-Better color saturations, TTT2 color system, and bring back black
-Clothing for bears (though I guess clipping issues with the fur is the cause of its absence)

-Add more stages with stage interactions. We only have 5 stages with that (Jungle Outpost, Twilight Conflict, Forgotten Realm, Duomo di Sirio, GCorp Helipad both versions)
- Vanilla T7 stages
-Include the night version of Infinite Azure outside VR mode
-Make the match point stages selectible

Arcade mode
-10 stage arcade mode (6 normal battles, Heihachi with his story mode form, Akuma, Kazumi/Devil Kazumi, and Kazuya/Devil Kazuya)
-Improve the bosses AI
-Add an incentive to play this mode. 5 stages only, weak AI and the bosses being present in Treasure Battle, no endings since there is a story mode now, is what discourages players from playing this mode. Maybe include arcade exclusive endings that does not really follow what's actually happening in the story (such as an ending of Gigas rampaging in the streets, completely unrelated to his episode, an ending of any character winning the tournament, doesn't have to be canon).

Treasure Battle
-Adjustable round numbers
-Devils Pit infinite stage accessible
-Ability to pick the next opponent
-Lesser gold (or no gold) in treasure chests. We get a lot of them, making buying items quicker. Make the grind longer.
-Add more incentives to play this mode after unlocking everything

VS mode
-Add tournament settings toggle option in the character select screen, so that if we want to turn it on we don't need to exit and go to the options menu

Practice mode (or training in general)
-Why not another in depth tutorial mode like TTT2's fight lab? Note that a lot of new players aren't aware of the screw attack which is the most vital and basic aspect of a juggle
-Bring back command training, including juggle training
-Ability to save a position so that when you fail the combo you don't have to spend minutes getting back into that position again
-Ability to set CPU opponent action 2 when action 1 is set to "repeat action"

-Improve the AI, right now it's AS (Artificial Stupidity). Runs into fireballs and tigers making Treasure Battle an easy grind with Akuma, Eliza and Kazumi. Make them perform combos once again, block properly (they do not even block Rage Arts!), program them to punish moves (but not 100% of the time), adjust to the player's playstyle.

-Show the sample combos again in the command list in the other modes. It's a hassle to forget a combo and have to exit and go back to practice mode just to see it.
-Ability to turn off HUD for a more cinematic experience. Now that I mention cinematic, why not consider a feature similar to GTA 5's Rockstar Editor?
-Team Battle and Survival pls (no Time Attack needed, it's basically a clone of arcade mode)
-Replay gallery
-Ability to download ghost data from other players online to fight in Treasure battle

I apologize for being this desperate lol

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