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Contrary to popular belief, the developers do read through TZ. Let's make their lives a little bit easier and and congregate all the bug reporting and constructive feedback into this thread. If you want to report a bug, please list the platform (If PC, list specs if necessary) and how to reproduce it.



- [PC] Colors washing out in the Twilight Conflict Stage

In this stage, causing a trade makes the slow-mo and zoom in trigger with the colour effect but the colour effect still persists after the trade and lasts for the whole match.


After a move trade:

- [PC] Game crashes when saving a customization in Borderless Windowed Mode

If you have the game set to using Borderless Windowed Mode, taking a shot to save a customization causes a D3D device error.


- Online Communication Error Bug

- Paul Balcony Break bug (Video:
- Bryan running over Jack after a wall combo (Twitch clip:
- Feng's qcf+1 goes through moves since a million years
- Lili b+2,1


    - Reduce the PS4 input lag as much as possible. Currently there's a noticeable difference in terms of gameplay feel between the PC version and the PS4.
    - Tournament Mode needs host migration since the entire thing disbands when the host leaves a tournament prematurely. Penalty for people leaving early.
    - Replay System as well as a way to look at replays of other players.
    - Save your last selection in character select screen as well as the last custom selection in case you hate scrolling through it all the time.
    - Warm-Up Space is alright but having it be the full training mode instead would be better.
    - If not, Fight Request during Training Mode or Treasure Mode plz.
    - Online Training Mode like in TTT2.
    - Ability to reset position in training mode without a legacy controller or touch pad. (By default, set to touchpad)
    - Allow deathmatching lobbies online when set to only 2 people only. So they can rematch each other endlessly without going back to character select / stage select.

... There's probably a million others I'm missing so feel free to contribute.

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