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Hi guys!

Here are my top 10 Josie moves, please post yours as I'd like to know your go-to moves!

Top 10 Safe moves

1. 1,4 - i10 punisher
2. Magic 4 - i12 CH launcher for pesky aggro players
3. 2,4/1,2,4 (SWS) - i12/i10 quick entry to SWS for mixups
4. 3/3,3/3,2f - i13 medium range poke, 3,3 is a great scrub killer
5. d/f+4 (SWS) - i14 medium range poke to SWS mixups
6. f+1+2 - i14 frame punish that leads to guaranteed d/f+1,4,2
7. d+4 - i15 annoying low poke, it seems much faster than i15 imho
8. d+3,4 (SWS) - i16 low-string start to SWS mixups
9. f+4,3 - i17 long poke that brings you close, the range is so good
10. u/f+3 - i29 low (sometimes med) crush launcher, very slow start though

Runner up: SWS 1/2/4 - SWS leaves you at +11 so these are great to throw in

Top 10 Unsafe moves

1. 1,2,d+4/2,d+4 - i10/i12 most won't block the low, good for chipping away
2. f+2,4 - i12 punish
3. 3,2 - i13 good mixup with 3,2f - the last hit catches people off-guard
4. d/f+2 - i15 launch punish, good range!
5. d/f+1,4/(~4) - i16 low or med mixup
6. b+4,3,d+4/(~4) - i16 low or med mixup
7. f,n,d,d/f+2 - i20 launcher, throw this out once they start respecting f,n,d,d/f+3 or SWS 3
8. f,n,d,d/f+3 - i23 super annoying low, either take this or risk a launch from f,n,d,d/f+2
9. d/f+3,2 - i26 high crush low, the last hit often catches people that block the first hit
10. SWS 3 - i11 (from SWS) combo on CH - I LOVE THIS MOVE. SWS 2/4 once they start respecting

Runner up: u/f+4 - i15 hopkick launcher