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No problem. It's definitely viable (used to be good after f+2,1 in the back, but I think properties changed to allow the quick recovery even from side or back, which used to not be a thing).

Anyway, I think main point is, after f+3+4 in the back, cc~d/f+3,2,3 is not guaranteed (works if they hold D/B to turn, if they turn and get CH or with throw, you still can't finish to launch [first two hits only], and they can actually turn holding B, block the first hit, duck the second, and launch you). WS+2,3 from that position still gives a meaty juggle if they hold D/B to turn, still connects (not blockable) if they hold B to turn, and still gives the mini juggle if they turn with either CH or throw (since it's NC). Thus, you sacrifice limited damage on them turning D/B, cover every option, and keep yourself safer (no possible retaliation). Basically, if you hit f+3+4 from behind (it happens...), use WS+2,3 for max damage.
... WS+3,3,d/f+3,3 and WS+3,3,d+3,3 also work from there if you're worried about ease of execution.
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