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A couple things I see just real quickly.

Anytime on the wall that you can d/f+1, f+4,3, you can b+2~f,N, f+4,3 for more damage (I think people are just used to the old one, but b+2 got a damage buff in this game).

Also in the section post 1+2 on CH, you wrote that after f+3+4 if they stood and took it from behind, you can get cc~d/f+3,2,3. This is possible, but only with insanely good timing AND it requires them to turn with D/B. If they turn with B, they can block anything at 15 frames (without the CC even--specifically, they can block knee buffered from crouch recovery). At 14 frames, turning with B, they can turn but not block (meaning WS+2,3 is guaranteed after f+3+4 in the back). If they turn with D/B, WS+2,3 floats from behind and you get a full juggle (same as you would if they turned with D/B and you got a perfect cc~d/f+3,2,3. If they turned with B, you still get WS+2,3 into ff+3.

... actually, I should test this more and make sure it works on ranges. I know the frames are right, but I mostly tested this at the wall (WS+2,3 gives high wall splat if they turn with B).

Regarding tailspin, it actually adds more distance to a carry (carries them further than the normal hits). This is amplified later in a combo, too. If you are within an easy carry distance, it is, yes, best to S! early or even not at all. If you have a lot of range to cover, the late S! can help not just by giving extra hits (f+2,1 on aerial hits 8,9), but with the momentum added on the S! and finisher, you get a TON of extra distance. It's important to note, though, that if you wall an opponent with this and they're far away, pretty much your only wall option will be FF, d+4,N+4,u+3 (d+4 is fast, good range, and picks up to the rest--good for when you have to run in to the wall from far away).
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