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Originally posted by Pajooh
beydan mind me asking how a korean battop stick is different from my sanwa battop? I also thought koreans used circular gates so i figured octagonal would be good for tekken but i agree getting back to neutral and finding the corners is difficult. Ive been considering buying an etokki korean stick but not sure if its worth the money. I think i will try swapping my octa gate back to a square and seeing if that helps. Ill also try with the battop and balltop to see if one is superior. If not then im sticking with pad i guess :/

It's a circular gate but when I hit it I don't feel like it's going to slip one way or the other, whereas the octo gate felt like that constantly when I used it. Only other major difference is the resistance from the rubber and the fact that it returns to neutral. Bat top vs balltop really comes down to preference and personal comfort.