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Originally posted by Pajooh
What type of controller do you prefer joystick or pad and why? If a joystick, ball or battop, square/octagonal/or circular gate? I have a MadCatz TE2+ joystick that I swapped the balltop out for a battop and the square gate for an octagonal. Works well for SF but I'm having hell of a time doing EWGF consistently. I dropped the joystick and went back to pad where I can land EWGF the majority of the time. Kind of disappointed I can't master a stick yet, was seeing if there was better or preferred setups.

If you're having a problem getting electrics with sticks it is probably due to stray inputs or because you're not properly letting the stick go back to neutral. That's actually why a lot of players (including myself) like korean sticks. Korean sticks return to neutral near immediately.

Opinions are like assholes but IMO you don't want to use an octo gate for tekken because with square it's easy to tell you've hit your diagonals. If you hit the corner with an octo it can slip to another input. That said, I habitually ride the gate which I hear is a bad thing to do *shrugs*

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