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Zaibatsu Threads are dead but still my notes in the first week of Tekken 7 FR worldwide release.

3+4,4 is a good 14 frame punisher as we all expected. Practice to punish every char with this long ranged move is essential. Jack's df2 for example is the easiest.

Junkyard second and third kick now catches the siderollers and SSed opponents much more consistently. Harder to SS which is good.

2,2,2 damage is good about 30 in CH and looks safe or jailing in case you got blocked.

Good range for d+1

DSS 2+4, DSS 1+3 and f,f+3+4 are all command grabs so better to use them.

2,2 which makes previously BT now is the second hit of 2,f+2,2 from the previous games.
to get BT you have to input 2,b+2 which is a bit difficult at times. We have to practice

U/F+4,d,f no more gives you DSS

Poor combo damage.
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