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Jin Guide is good but its a bit outdated, there is a few things that needs to be corrected.

F4 is now -5 on block, f4~f is now +2 on block, making 1+2 out of zen coming out at 11f instead of 14 like in TTT2 so, 13f mids no longer can interrupt it, only i10 moves can, making his defensive game and 50/50 game on hit a lot stronger.

His wd game is just as good as mishimas, specially since his ws3 is now a safe homing CH launcher that can be used from his wd mixup, an option mishimas don't have, no longer high crush shenaningas and step shenanigans as easier as it was in T7 .0 or TTT2. If you randomly step jin out of obvious pressure tools or try to use high crushes while he wavedashes to close distance, be ready to get hit by this.

Jin does not have the fastest homing in the game, that trophy belongs to paul which has an i12 homing that is plus on block, but his i13 homing its also good and actualy +1 on hit.

Few things missing: His CH game is a lot better as df4 is now -7 on block, CH launcher even though is i20. he also gets better rewards for most of his CH launcher tools including F4 without committing to the ogre stance, he as ways to hit confirm the hit now and still get massive wall carry and massive damage.
bd23 is now -7 and the second hit its a knockdown and hits grounded.

Jin 1+2 throw when teched switches sides with opponent, used to escape when your back is against the wall, either they take the throw or they get cornered, the choice its theirs.

use B3 at 0 range when ppl are trying to pummel pressure on you. F4 its also a good option since its much safer than b3 now and better reward if you trade blows.
CDS3 is just as good in the neutral as in the combos, as his ws3 its a CH launcher homing mid that is safe and comes off his stance, in 7 days i will confirm if CDS3 actually crushes highs as we've seen in a vid before. This move will keep ppl honest about stepping Jin out of stance, or using ducking.

Jin is strong in this game, he has never been this good since T4 honestly, and i prefer this FR version over his T7.0 vanilla, this one has more options for every possible situation indeed.