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That Blasted Salami Character Guides (see framework below)

Character Overviews

Jin Kazama Complete Breakdown

Steve Fox - Complete Breakdown

Claudio Serafino Complete Breakdown

Josie Rizal Breakdown

Master Raven Breakdown

Shaheen Complete Breakdown

Yoshimitsu Complete Breakdown

Feng Wei Breakdown

Julia Chang Breakdown

Dragunov Essentials

Jack-7 Essentials

Bryan Fury Essentials

Kazumi Mishima Essentials

King Essentials

Lee Essentials

Lei Essentials

Videos by other Content Creators

Asuka Kazama Tutorial by Fergus

Asuka Movelist Breakdown by Fergus

Marshall Law by PepperBeef2Spicy

Leo Kliesen by PepperBeef2Spicy

Kazuya Mishima by TheMainManSWE

Devil Jin by TheMainManSWE

Heihachi Mishima by TheMainManSWE

Ling Xiaoyu by Guice

Noctis by Exponential Trajectory

That Blasted Salami Fundamentals Guides

Mix Ups, Turtling & Movement

Pokes, Frames & Sidesteps

Crushing, Hitboxes & Evasion

Written Guides


Character Overviews by Fergus
Akuma by Dinosaur
Alisa Bosconovitch by mithril04
Alisa Bosconovitch by Yo Goodfella & Endtimes (In Progress)
Asuka Kazama by Fergus
Bryan Fury by Dinosaur
Bob Richards by mithril04
Dragunov by Azaael
Feng-Wei by Saen1990
Gigas by feeqmatic
Hwoarang by Frontier
Jin Kazama by Arya
Josie Rizal by mithril04
Kazumi Mishima by mithril04
Lee Chaolan by UberDuder
Lei Wulong by UberDuder
Leo Kliesen by gByakko
Lucky Chloe by DankInEffect
Marshall Law by Arya (block punishment remaining)
Master Raven by UberDuder
Master Raven by mithril04
Miguel by zatoichi Flash!
Nina Williams by UberDuder
Shaheen by Arya
Steve Fox by Arya
Xiaoyu by LifeWillChange
Yoshimitsu by mithril04
Yoshimitsu by UberDuder

Coming Soon

Kuma by ElMantisShrimp
Lars Alexandersson by Azaael

Writer wanted!

Eddy Gordo
Heihachi Mishima
Katarina Alves
Lili Rochefort
Paul Phoenix

For the lulz

Shaheen by Dinosaur
Claudio by Arya

The framework we’re taking is as follows:


A brief description of the character’s gameplan and their strengths and weaknesses.

Top Moves

A list of all the character's key moves. There is no set number, however many you think is suitable, though we're aiming for around 15.

Please describe in detail how the move is used as well as it's properties. For example is it used to poke, keep out, control space, mix up, pressure, whiff punish, and so on. Does it have evasive properties, how safe is it, range, tracking etc.

As much as possible please try to avoid using frame data, but it can be added in text below the move if you wish. Instead please include a flowchart of the options stemming from some of these key moves (eg Mishima ewgf, Drag WR2, Alisa WR2, Steve dcking etc) against all of the opponent's responses, so players can get an idea of how the moves work off each other, as opposed to just describing them in isolation.

Situational Moves

Analysis of moves that are useful, but not essential. Don't need to go into as much detail as the key moves, and also please try to refrain from listing moves that you'll see only once in a blue moon, or are practically useless.


No combo video material here please. Just a short, practical list of S! starters, staple combos and wall combos.


A list of the character’s block punishment from standing, crouching and moves with pushback.


Breakdown of the rage drive and rage art.

Round Up

A quick summary of all the information above, along with a difficulty ranking that includes that weighs both execution and gameplan.

Anti-Strats (separate video)

xxx Tips to Beat this Character

Some important nuggets of information to keep in mind when playing this character. What are their main weaknesses, and how best to exploit them.

Strings that you should be punishing

A list of the of all the strings with highs, low gaps that you should be aware of.

Moves that you should be block punishing

A list of all the character’s block punishable moves.


How you can be a part of the project

If you feel there’s anything missing, spotted a mistake or want to add more detail on a section from the guides, just give us your input below. If you’re confident you know a character well enough to write up an entire guide, even better

General feedback and opinions on the guides are also welcome. Just keep it to the point please. See below.

Rules, guidelines, etc

This topic will be strictly monitored, so please no fluff or banter or it will be removed. We’re trying to keep this as tight and focused as possible.

A huge thanks to anyone who contributes.

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