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You are on the fucking point!

Originally posted by S2_Dotoring
Stepping isn't a good idea considering she has a homing move from crouch. Your best bet is guessing the right mixup.

Guessing is usually bad risk/reward :\. Try to avoid the guess, correct? Or is this a rare case of good reward to guess low/mid if we have a 14f standing juggle starter?

OK, so final stitch up questions.

ws1 is -14 on block and 15f startup
Can I step ws+1 to my left or right?

What are the details on fc, d/f+3+4,4?
18f startup?
After reviewing the video, if I block the low, it staggers her for something like snake edge sized punishment. If she whiffs the low, the mid is a teleport into the air, which looks like it can be side stepped some direction. Otherwise, the mid is safe on block at -6f, correct?

From Tag 2 frame data:

I'd do all this myself in practice mode... but no one here owns the game yet.