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I believe she's better. Yes, the 3,3,4 nerf hurts but 3,3 being NC means a quicker tracking mid for ssl than f+2_f+3. You can just use 1+2 where you would've done 3,3,4. b+4,4 does w! on nh although that's a bit risky, also might punish get up 4, not sure of - on block. sdw b+3 adds more dmg to launchers ending in sdw as well as tracks ssl outside of sdw d+4 range ie after sdw b+2 on hit/block. Also, sdw b+2 seems to have less range.

2,4 w! buff is welcome although 2,4 doesn't punish get up 4 on block. Magic 4 is an improvement from just getting a knd, safer than finishing the string and getting launched. qcf+2 combo is still reduced but we get full launch in rage. sdw f+4,3 s! replaces u/b+1,2 b! and d/f+2,3 s! replaces b+1 b!. u/b+1 only real use now is a safe mid high crush. qcf+3,4 adds more dmg and better oki after f,f+3 than f+2,3. f,f+4 now flips op fdht if they move on the ground, so now after ex: qcf+3+4 if they move to avoid u/f+3, f,f+4 puts them in another situation.

Almost everything from tag 2 raven is still intact. ch sdw b+2_sdw 2 is still +8, also b+2,2, sdw 1,4, ender is still guaranteed on bt. I'm not sure what's going on w/ f+1+2, she already has f+3 for homing, then it's -14 which is the same as finishing f+3,2, and it's slower.

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