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Originally posted by MCP
I meant, bryan's orbital heel u/f+4. It's the same move as Josie's u/f+3, but just straight up better.

Well - as opposed to Bryan - she does have a standard u/f+4, as well as a very nice (block punish issues aside) d/f+2 (launches crouchers), so there's that, I guess...

Alley-Oop is also correct in that hers is better at evading attacks. It reaches lower to the ground, too. It won't hit grounded, but I can't think of any attack that will go under it. Unfortunately, like Yoshi's u+3+4_u/f+3+4, a number of attacks will shoot right past it unharmed while she's still in mid-air.

What gets me is how her orbital compares to Lars'. About as high, not as fast, about as bad on block, and only 40% the reach...

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