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Originally posted by joelbenitez
Am loving all the lei love right now, i feeling very good. I didn't know lei had so much love. I don't know what to expect for lei, you can just give me t6 lei and ill be good. Am glad to see eddy.

Would like to see custom animations like win poses, like your own intro to your customized character and wining pose. also a custom special move like a special. so instead of the default super, you make your own super not to exceed 6-7 seconds tho. i will spend hours creating my own animation movie special for my characters so i can kill with style.

I want the option to buy character from street fighter. ill pay 10 dollards for ken, guile, e-honda, sagat etc. each. take my money.

Give lei more stances, like monkey stance. where he moves around like a monkey and shit. I want more drunken stance options. Doesn't have to give any advantage but allows for stylish play. I want to block and remain in stance. i don't need him to be cheap, so no special advantages, just good looks. I want my youtube videos to look good.

Man great to see Lei players on here showing theyr love for our boy but fuck NO to street fighter chars. Akuma is allready in, and thats it, the vamp bitch is another meter using, projectile shooting char that doesnt belong, fine, they want to test TxSF shit out and bring in more interest, great, but no more, this is tekken - a 3D one button one limb actual martial art depicting (not simulating) combo heavy fighting game . Not a 2D jumping all over the place projectile shooting fighting game (bore fest - imho)