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I think it's just a lack of substantial QoL improvements that's the most disappointing. Like the changes to 4~3 is such a bonehead mistake that perfectly expresses the problems with Raven. She has these incredibly specific, incredibly punishable options/extensions that most other characters don't have to deal with. It was the same way with Dragunov in the past, he would get nothing but "band-aid" fixes without addressing his real problems. Of course nowadays (e.g. T7) he's so incredibly generic that Namco went a little too ham with the buffs and obviously I would hate Raven to get the same treatment.

Some questionable things that are still in FR (from past games):
1) WS+1 is still -14 despite being mechanically identical to Jin's at -12
2) qcf+2 still retains its TTT2 damage nerf
3) d/f+4 is still -15 on block
4) WS+3+4/qcf+3+4 is still -14 (and doesn't S! launch on CH, like the Mishima's)

I'm sure you could name a ton of them if someone would go over the entire movelist with a fine tooth comb.


Now not to be 100% negative, FC d/f+3+4 into RA is pretty nice and will be good at the end of rounds.
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