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Originally posted by Mr Adam0
Not sure if anyone wrote it somewhere already, but 3,3,4 is no longer NCC and SS3 is not a move anymore.

Does 3,3 jail again?

So far her buffs are

cH4 full juggle
cH4,1 easy full juggle
SDW f+4,3 S!
2,4 w! at close proximity
1+2 Reversal has larger hitbox, executes faster than old 1+2
SDW 1+2 juggles (SDW 1+2 d+3 b+4,4s!)
df+2,3 S!
b+2,4,3+4 S!
Invisibility during HAZ
FC d/f+3+4,4 ends in HAZ 4 spike
b+4,4 S! spin animation on hit (possibly more +frames?) and wall splat at close proximity
HAZ unblockable sword range buff

SDW f+2,4 into teleport
b2,4 series into teleport
b+4 series into teleport
u+3,d+3 into teleport

nerfs are

334 no longer NCC
QCF3 no longer juggles
b+4,4 less consistent in combos

Edit: More Buffs

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