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Originally posted by SSfox
I actually don't like the fact that Kuma and Panda are separate characters tbh, i think it would've been better if they put them in one character just like old Tekken games (yep sure they have different RA, but still same moveset), one thing i liked about Tekken 7 since the beginning is that the characters were all fully unique and have nothing in common, that one aspect i liked Tekken 4 and than made this game too sick back then, but it's look like we're back again into the clone city. Next step i guess they release both Eddy and Christie as separate characters, Namco still don't get it that quality is over quantity. Now that i think about it, i won't even be surprise if Kid Kazuya and Kazuya are gonna be separate character.

Didn't Murray said he didn't like Anna for being a clone...lol
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