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Originally posted by hellzgate169
Before the reveal, it was made known that there was only 1 character left to reveal before launch. Does that mean this is it? Or is there a possibility that there will be more characters after release? I want more characters like Lei and Anna, but at the same time I don't want T7 to become the DLC mess that is SFV.

To be completely honest I would've had nothing against the reveal if it wasn't the last character before launch. Making the bears the last characters is not really the best way to build up hype for the game, but I'm happy for the people that do play the bears.

Murray confirmed he made a error saying the was "a" character release... he said there suppose to be more, possibly next month when they announce the release date (that's my guess)

on the topic, Bears look great, was looking forward to them cuz I figured the would look sick on next gen... cool that they made them so over the top and silly, I understand the hate, but Kuma and that damn salmon is hilarious to me