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Maven's b+1 retains it's Tag properties and KDs on counter hit.

In terms of the match-up against Gigas there were some noteworthy points.

The Maven player uses the Reversal against Gigas's rage drive everytime. Apparently it's an easy way of taking away his mix-up.

Knee wasn't always able to punish fF+4, so it may be range dependent for Gigas, at least for the punisher Knee used.

This Maven player gets hit out of his Jab HAZ mix-ups a lot. Seems like he would have done better if he did 1,2 then gauged Knee's reaction.

Gigas players(not just Knee) tend to jab a lot. A well timed df+3 will work wonders.

The safest range for Maven against Gigas seems to be just outside of his db+2.
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