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Though given that despite his top 5 placement (which while I agree with only one player put him as 1st), given the games fairly good balance and the fact you don't see as much whoring of the top tiers because of this fact as compared to the old days you will still need to poke around for regular players unlike say trying to find Law/Bob/Steve video in T6. (and if he's first? cool. So long as its not BobLaw top 8s then all good-someone will always be the best character in a game anyway. might as well be in a pretty balanced one.)

You'll probably find some pockets around YouTube. I'll dig up a few Red+ ranked vids when I get a chance and update the top post soon after plugging some here.

Here's Knee in a stalemate rank attempt (either way) vs. Hao:

another short Knee bout:

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they named it matterhorn because lili's uphill battle in tekken is the highest mountain to climb.