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I created this thread because I see his current RD useless. Although it looks cool, I think it should be changed because it is just like his HS.

According to my research, here are his RD's properties.

It is -

A 3 hit move low,mid,mid natural combo.

Does 10+5+5 i.e 20 damage.


Easy combo: RD df+2 2 b+2,3s! f,f+3,1~f~f b+1,2, does about 61 damage. Replace df+2 with ewgf to add 6 more damage.

RD f,f+4s! is possible (probably on bigger characters) -

It is launch punishable, saw it punished by df+2, but jabs whiff even though DVJ is not in Technical Crouched state.

At wall you can do this -

In a combo, it will put opponent on FDFA

Comparing with HS -

HS does 10 damage, with rage it is 11 damage and you get to keep rage.

Easy combo option - HS 1+4 2 b+2,3s! 2 f+3+4 does 44 damage with rage on.
ewgf combo option - HS ewgf 2 b+2,3s! f,f+3,1~f~f b+1,2 does 60 damage with rage on.

All characters can launch it.

At wall you can do d+1+2 or b+4 df+4,4.

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