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Does anyone remember item moves from T6 and TTT2 that alter the animation of throws? I want to see item moves in T7FR that alter Rage Arts instead.


Bryan Fury - Gatling Gun and Anti-Tank Launcher Backpack
After the Jet Upper part of the Rage Art, Bryan then unloads the gatling gun then fires a 15-shot burst then he unloads the AT launcher then fires it.

Yoshimitsu - Sengoku Weapon Pack
Instead of using only the Yoshimitsu and Fumaken, Yoshimitsu uses a wide variety of weapons he has to attack the enemy.

Feng - Wei Dadao
The last hit of the rage art has him charging the Dadao to the opponent.

Lars - Twin SCAR Rifles
Lars rapid fires his Twin SCAR rifles then launches their grenades.

Jack-7 - Full Cannon Configuration
After being grabbed by a hydraulic arm, Jack fires all his gatling cannons, then launches a salvo of missiles and AT cannons, then ends with a beam cannon on his chest.
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