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Originally posted by EmpathicMimicry
Would also like to add that I do trust Namco to give us a great balanced, playable complete game in the end, and if it were any other company, we'd probably be getting screwed right about now with incomplete games released far to early, day one patch BS and unplayable, badly made online modes.

Tekken 4 stage infinites and Jin's JFLS or Tekken 5.0 Steve infinite ring a bell? How about Tekken 6 Online Mode being unplayable at launch?

What about Ancient Ogre's Tekken Tag 2 wall infinite that was patched out in update 1.02?

What about Alisa's Tekken Tag 2 infinite that was patched out in update 1.03?

What about this infinite and the death combos still remaining in Tekken Tag 2?

What about the sheer quantity of issues with Soul Calibur 3 through Shite Caliber V ranging from save data corruption and virtual cancel (III) to infinites (pre-patch IV & post-patch V) and unblockable Hilde ring out doom combo (IV)? The rare Soul Calibur 3: Arcade Edition being the only one to even be in the balanced territory.

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