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You know the drill by now

I'll kick it off with a condensed smaller wishlist than my old one for T7.

Devil Jin

T5 ending dark skinned form. It's such a natural choice for him, just like the boxing robe is for Steve. Make it happen Bamco.
The rest of his devil armor outfit, namely the helmet. Seems to be missing.


Hakama "Tekken Lord" alt outfit
Tiger texture coat with shirt, pants included


Old 1P outfit (fatigues, grey vest)


Old 1P outfit from T5/6 (hakama/training outfit)


Black/White casual outfit from TK5/6

Would also like to add that I do trust Namco to give us a great balanced, playable complete game in the end, and if it were any other company, we'd probably be getting screwed right about now with incomplete games released far to early, day one patch BS and unplayable, badly made online modes.