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Originally posted by S2_Dotoring
ff3 still exists, launches
2,4 S!
Haze makes her completely invisible
b2,4,??? string, S!
qcf3 no launch, nosebleed stun
BT 3+4 still launches high if used mid air (df2 BT 3+4 etc)
qcf2 db2 BT f4,3 S! qcf3 HAZ 4(?) works
Rage Art has crazy range, low crush
Rage Drive spins (ff3 ff4 into HAZ), first hit safe
Power Crush is mid

Lol I thought it was because of the shitty niconico 240p 30fps gameplay. That's really good if that's the case.

Btw isn't the last hit on her RD unblockable? or you can't finish the string if they blocked it the first hit? But she looks great and already seems much better than OG Raven
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