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Originally posted by QDogg
I recently posted this in the Raven forums, but it looks like that forum is dead for TTT2 Raven. Anyways, regarding f+3+4, it's noted that this move is delayable (f+3+4<3+4) but is it also known that you can choose to recover crouching after the second hit by holding down f+3+4<3+4~d ? It makes it seem like he's still attacking as you can go into FC df+3+4 and other mixups. It's quite seamless (straight break dancin'!).

This character looks cool, I'm gonna try her out. It was inevitable a ninja was going to be in the game, just a matter of whom. I wonder if her sword is unblockable like Yoshi sword/Kuni kunai.
But you're at -23 after f+3+4,3+4, I don't think crouching is going to make a difference in that situation. In tag 2, I used the f+3+4,3+4~d as an ender after TA at the wall. If they lay, ws3+4 hits grounded; if they tech then ws3 w! / fc,d/f+3+4 50/50. 1 of things that sucks about backroll being removed is that we can't run up f+3+4 to punish backroll from fdft. RIP full f+3+4 juggle for backrolling T6.0-TTT2.
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