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I'm calling her "Maven" because saying Raven doesn't seem right, and M.Raven is too much.

The first thing I thought of when I saw the reveal trailer is "how will she be able to punish Shaheen's slide?"

She still has vampire's kiss, and hopefully the command is the same and it is still dash bufferable. I use that move a lot. It's not mad axes, but it really gets the job done.

BT Power Crush is going to be very, very helpful.

I like 1,2 Haze a lot. Making the opponent hesitate, even a little bit after 1,2 jabs is going to be very useful for applying pressure. Functionally, I imagine it will enable some new juggles, but I am hoping it will give her some funky wall combos and wall pressure.

Her rage art seems to have some great range, it looks like it hits from at least 2.5 which should be make it easy to connect.
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