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Everyone else in the cast safely gets away with their RD blocked, some of them are even extremely good on block. I see the point of making his RD punishable because it is an unseeable low launcher which can't be whiffed, but I see no point in making it launch punishable.

We usually have 30-50 damage left on average when we get rage, sometimes it is even less. Making his RD -15 means death anyway (no better than HS) because even shit juggles lead to at least 50 damage. They should either make it -12~-13 or -12~13OC so that DVJ still get a chance if it's blocked or make it damaging enough to seal 45-50% damage with a regular combo or else anyone would go with regular HS + keeping rage.

I don't see this in matches too and people are using the RD of others frequently.
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