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Oh, I have no doubt that true Raven fans will main Master Raven no matter how difficult she is to learn and regardless of her position in tier lists. That also goes for players that have newly-found interest in her now that the character was "redesigned."

I mean, I tried to pick up Raven many times in Tag 2 but every time I came to the conclusion that the effort was too great for what I'd get. The learning curve wouldn't be much of a problem if I was gonna make Master Raven my main but since that is unlikely, I don't know if I should invest in her as a sub-character when I could probably learn 2-3 easier subs in the time it'd take me to learn Raven. Hence why I'm inquiring about this issue.
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Fixed tier list for Lili players only needs 2 tiers, one tier with all the chars better than Lili and a second one with just Lili.