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Originally posted by Climbing Dragon
Does anyone have any idea at all about how steep Master Raven's learning curve will be? In TTT2, it felt like Raven took a lot of effort to learn for how limited he ended up being. I really hope Master Raven will be at least mid tier so it's actually worth a shit to learn her.


I suspect M. Raven is going to stay basically more advanced even if some things are lighter to learn. Just a hunch, but my reasoning: I feel the 'hipster' types of characters they reckon have a certain sort of fanbase for reasons that go beyond their style and such; I feel that they DO want to ensure there's a few tougher, weird characters in the mix to appease to people who like those types, even if the game is trying to target new players, they don't want to gut ALL the characters/take their identity away.

While i feel they did swap the appearance to try to get in more people(really, I mean she looks like she could drop into a MOBA as 'M. Raven: The Shadow' or something with her design), I feel that the casual players who just want a cool Overwatch ninja aren't going to care about difficulty(it doesn't affect them), which leaves the small core who might actually play Raven the First because they legit like that weird shadowy complex ninja style. (I don't think every difficult character by the time FR drops will be so 'lucky' though.)

/end speculation(and given how I fucked up every EVO prediction this weekend I could be wrong.)

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Originally posted by Kane:
they named it matterhorn because lili's uphill battle in tekken is the highest mountain to climb.