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Let's get the discussion going.

SDW f+4,3 - Huge buff, in previous games it would grant huge +frames but also was a nosebleed stun, making the +frames basically null and void. Now with it causing S! stun, it should provide consistent pressure.

1,2~HAZ - Buff, a needed change that will allow Raven to parlay his old 1,2 pressure/punishment into an immediate 50/50. Assuming the frames are still there, I wouldn't doubt the meta change giving Raven free HAZ 3 chip damage and having the opponent otherwise guess between HAZ 1 and HAZ 1+2.

FC d/f+3+4,4 - Buff, with the changes to the ground/wakeup game in T7, the old FC d/f+3+4,4 would likely not be able to provide any pressure afterwards. Now ending in a HAZ 4 spike, the opponent is left in FDFA right next to Raven where Raven should be able to apply pressure somewhat safely.

b+2,2,3 - Buff, while the string will likely remain untouched and punishable, by causing that type of flip-over on (b+2,2),3 it heavily infers the kick is now a ground hitting mid. This will likely cause interesting OS meta shift at the wall where we'll see CH (b+2),2 HC for free SDW 1,4 W! otherwise finishing with the ground hitting kick.

SDW f+2,4 - Buff, Raven now has the ability to end in a somewhat quick teleport and more importantly doesn't end in SDW. We don't know much about it yet but there appears to be a few attacks that can possibly end in teleport.

qcf+3,? - Buff, the ability to end in air AT is huge, especially since Raven can already end his combos with f,f+3, qcf+3 to safe tag in TTT2. Similar to SDW f+2,4, this qcf+3 AT might be another glimpse at Raven's teleport options, more information is still needed.

RD - From its speed, Raven's RD will likely be able to be used as a combo ender open-field but my guess is that it'll be primarily used as a wall ender. It's extremely fast so we'll see how it develops.

RA - Raven disappears and attacks with a HAZ 4 which likely means it'll low crush reducing the possibility of incoming damage that must be armored through. With that being said, extremely low attacks might go right under it.
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