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new thread I guess



cd4,3+4 - Rage Drive. EX hellsweep pretty much. https://youtu.be/SrOkNyi7H8U?t=27m

At least -15 and no stagger on block https://twitter.com/ika1024/status/755915094584758272

b1+3_b2+4 - A.ogre parry lookin thing. Power crush and can apparently go in between strings, but no vid confirmation https://twitter.com/Flying_Wonkey/s...292938928345088

can be used at -9 and only 10f moves will stop him. -12 to -13 on block https://twitter.com/ika1024/status/755915094584758272



b1+2 - Rage art now has a new animation. cool stuff

b4 - No longer knocks down on normal and hitbox is like or possibly worse than tag2 (on a faceup opponent at least) https://youtu.be/SrOkNyi7H8U?t=26m4s

could be character size dependant. it hits drag here for example: https://youtu.be/H-c10YYU0ow?t=39m55s

Here's uf4, b4 hitting on drag: https://youtu.be/H-c10YYU0ow?t=42m25s

still works on FDFA: https://youtu.be/H-c10YYU0ow?t=35m30s

safer on block than 7.0, probably tag2 frames https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMd....be&t=1m35s

db2 - is now -13 on block (from -14 in 7.0)

Standing laser - command now changed to ub1+2; 1+2 now gives jabs. Good for throwbreaks i guess

bf21 - Went from -12 to -10 on block https://youtu.be/SrOkNyi7H8U?t=26m40s

HS - the ewgf after doesnt have to be perfect anymore it seems; early 7.0 status? https://twitter.com/masatoshi11022/...506707302748160

ws2 - possibly does not combo from the back anymore

Here it is in 7.0 https://youtu.be/DmPr16uHbdc?t=25s I slowed the vid down to see if lars turned around. Didnt look like it

Here it is in FR about halfway thru this clip in the tweet https://twitter.com/masatoshi11022/...506707302748160

not completely sure about the ws2 one since the 7.0 vid didnt seem like it was a straight back angle. May need to test at other angles



b4 - hitbox improved on grounded opponents. Like kaz ff4 now?

ws2 - now screws in combos. hs, d2, ws2 works

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8j_qmMNAZg - Kaze testing out the new changes




Rage Drive - pushback on the first hit on block increased, hitbox on the 2nd hit increased, -14 on block now?

db2 - +4 on hit now? From +3 before Version D

ws12 - the change was listed as 'recovery frames increased by 2F', so maybe its +4 on hit and -7 on block now

ws14 - NEW MOVE - ws1 into ff4 is how it looks. nc, wallsplat(knocks away in the open just like ff4, no spin stun), 2nd hit screws. hs, d2, ws14 works as a combo

https://twitter.com/maneater_dgr/st...221656524075008 - ws14 in action

https://twitter.com/masatoshi11022/...233940931706880 - hs combo with ws14 in it

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