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Originally posted by aviax
f,f+3 (CH), d/f+1,2, (dash) b+2,1~KIN, f+2. This might be important, because (at least in practice mode) KIN, 1+2, BT d+1 appears to be no longer guaranteed.

No longer guaranteed? That sucks!

Aviax, can you please check the following?:
- f,f+2 - is it safe on block?
- f+3+4 - how about this on block? I have an impression that in NSS it's safer on block
- db+4 hit advantage?

Originally posted by PreezNT
14 frame launcher ain't bad and I really like his new d/f+1,2 that can go into his d/b+2,2,2. It it confirmed that it's a NC and jails?

It's confirmed NC but it most probably doesn't jail (not confirmed).
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