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Originally posted by Kazu-Yoshi-girl
I seriously hope that you can do something like df+1,2~ db+2,2,2 It looks like so!
I hope df+1 range and frames remained the same.

I was just practicing a bit with him. d/f+1,2,d/b+2,2... is a fluid string, just like ws+1,2,d/b+2.2...

cd+1 doesn't launch as high. I used to do cd+1, f+3... but that doesn't connect anymore (I will check d+2,1 next time I get a chance). cd+1~KIN, 4 still works. With no KIN transition, d/f+1,2_cd+2 works.

NSS, (ws+2,1),2(CH) stun is now inescapable, but the opponent crumples pretty quickly. I was able turn around in time for d+2,1 and/or cd+2, but nothing else seems to work or be worth it.

I spent a lot of my time trying to find something to work with f,f+4, but the best I have been able to manage so far is f,f+4, 1,1,1,3_2_d+1 (all BT). Ironically, f,f+4, 1, d+1+2, ws+3,1 works again.

Don't know if this has been noted yet, but all versions of f+2 now go straight to s! on CH.

The recovery on NSS, D/F+3 is pretty damn slow. I'm not terribly good at crouch cancels, so the only thing I could reliably get was ws+1,2. Forgot to check if there is a stagger on block, but with the slow recovery, a stagger might be redundant, anyway.

u/f+3 pushes a bit further back on hit. Accidentally slipping under the opponent while he's in mid-air as you go for f+3 seems to not happen anymore.

Hitting an opponent in midair with w/s+2,1 flips them up and over, higher than before. It's a bit like cd+1_b+2,1 in the same situation. Not sure if anything will connect, but I will look into it.

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